Week 18


It’s better to be poor and live right, than to be rich

Proverbs 28:6 (CEV)

I know a godly widow. Her name is Pee Naw Hser. She is 78 years old. Her husband died when she was 30 years old, leaving her to raise her two daughters in hardship. She makes a living by selling things here and there and raising chickens and pigs. She is good at managing her meager income. Whenever donors’ names are honored in the church, her name is mentioned. Whenever she is invited to any kind of worship services, she takes her contribution in an envelope. For memorial services, Pee Naw Hser said, “I give a little more because this is the last time to honor this person.” For an annual pledge for the church, she raises a pig. I asked her, “Don’t you want to use some of your money to plan for the future?” She responded, “Dear, I am afraid the manna will rot. For me, I just want my hearing to be better so I can listen to the word of God clearer.” Pee Naw Hser is poor, but she is not greedy. But for some, although they are very rich, their greed knows no bounds. Greed  gives birth to cruelty, worries, troubles, tyranny, ridiculousness, and indecency among our people, in our country, our churches, villages, homes, and even within ourselves. May we desire to be a jigsaw puzzle piece that adds shape and beauty to a complete picture!   

Lord, help us to not be controlled by greed. Walk with us and govern our lives according to your purposes for us.  In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.