Week 44


Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.

Romans 10:11

My friend said she experienced long-lasting, excruciating shame after her boyfriend abandoned her and their newborn baby. She explained, “I feel subhuman and worthless. It took me 20 years to recover and feel I belong to the church. Healing comes from the word of God that reveals God’s unconditional love for me and the true connection I share with other Christians, who do not judge me.” Sadly, shame messages are openly or subtly communicated in churches. Using shame as a means to change someone’s behavior distorts God’s character as fault-finding, rejecting, and punishing. In a shame culture, you know you are good or bad based on what the community says about you, not what the word of God says. Shame is fear-based. Shame keeps us from being honest with each other. Shame obstructs the conviction and transformation of the Holy Spirit. Sin has left a crimson “Shame” stain, but Jesus paid it all and washed it all. Jesus treated Zacchaeus the tax collector or the woman caught in adultery with love, acceptance, and grace. It is love and grace that truly transforms lives. It definitely is not shame.  

God, please break the power of shame from the enemy in Your churches in Jesus’ Name, Amen.