Week 41


I extended my hands all day to a rebellious people walking in a way that isn’t good, following their own plans

Isaiah 65:2 

In America today, many young people are leaving the church. We are beginning to see signs of this problem in Karen churches. It is very painful to hear our children say they no longer believe in the very God Who has delivered us from death and gives us hope. It is heart-wrenching to see our children leave the very church where we worship and serve devotedly. We may even see our children as rebels. Knowing that there is nothing worse than rebellion against God, we live with constant worries about our children’s life and destiny. We may also blame American culture for the cause of our children’s rebellion. While there are many factors leading our children astray, an important question for us is, “What are we doing about it?” Churches must examine their practices to see if they are truly making young people a priority as they say they do.  Are we treating our rebellious children like God treats us? How are we loving our children? Is our love conditioned upon their adherence to our likes? Do we try to understand them? Do we try to keep a relationship with them? Do we pray for them? Will we still accept them as rebels and embrace them with grace? Don’t give up. We worship the God Who opens His arms to rebellious people all day long.  They may go away but they cannot get away from the opening arms of our God. You keep extending your hands to them!          

God, please teach us how to open our arms to our rebellious children like you open your arms to us all day long.  We pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.