Week 28


Though my father and mother forsake me,

 the Lord will receive me. 

Psalm 27:10

As human beings, we may often face times when we stand alone, and we need someone to be there for us. When our family, relatives, friends are not around when we need them, we may feel sad, lonely, and rejected. Last year I felt so lonely after my brother passed away. I received many phone calls from people who said they would help me bring my brother’s widow and her children to the refugee camp. When my sister-in-law arrived at the Thai-Burma border, all the people who promised to help my sister-in-law enter the camp or help her stay in a Thai Karen village didn’t answer my calls anymore. I was depressed and felt so lonely. As I meditated on the word of God, I realized that God is our only constant companion. I don’t know what lonely road you are walking on right now, but I do know that God is with you today.

Father God, thank you for seeing me when others don’t, and for comforting me. Thank you for being with me in my loneliness. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.